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B & D Dental Corporation takes great pride in its innovation, quality, design and manufacture of its products. Consequently, B & D Dental Corporation's products are protected by a variety of patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights. These intellectual property rights recognize the innovation and distinctiveness of B & D Dental Corporation's products, and provide B & D Dental with protection from infringement of these rights. B & D Dental diligently enforces its intellectual property rights, and continually works to locate and prosecute those who infringe on these rights.


Trademark Information

This is a listing of United States trademarks owned by B & D Dental Corporation. Those trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks of  B & D Dental Corporation in the United States. This list is not a comprehensive list of all B & D Dental trademarks.

B & D Dental Corp.'s trademarks may be used only with the written consent of B & D Dental Corp.


  • Artimax®
  • Closed bite auto articulation™
  • Air Stop™ Membrane
  • Alignment Pin™
  • Locator Pin™
  • Alignment Jig™
  • Durafractory™
  • Tru Base™
  • Zerocks Base®
  • Uni Drill®


Patent Information

This is a listing of United States patents owned by B & D Dental Corporation along with some of B&D Dental Corp's pending patents. This is not a comprehensive list of all B & D Dental patents. There are currently additional U.S. and foreign patents pending.


  • 6,948,932
  • 7,147.465
  • Patent Pending - Varied types of articulator tray bases customized for different stone expansion rates
  • Patent Pending - Alignment Jig/fixture and its method of use for full arch impression registration on full arch tray
  • Patent Pending - Magnetic connection of full arch tray onto a metal / semi-adjustable articulator
  • Patent Pending - Alignment pin and its method of use for easy location of pinholes in the full arch tray
  • Patent Pending - Model base with posterior stop rods
  • Patent Pending - U-shaped tray with built-in hinge
  • Patent Pending - Tray base with covered pinhole design and its method of use
  • Patent Pending - U-shaped tray with lingual wall and open buccal structure
  • Patent Pending - A plastic model base with no pre-manufactured pinholes
  • Patent Pending - A plastic model base with no pre-manufactured pinholes and its method of use in association with impression tray alignment fixture
  • Patent Pending - Method of drilling a custom pinhole on dental tray base
  • Patent Pending - Method of magnetically connecting a plastic model base with no pre-manufactured pinholes to metal / semi-adjustable articulator
  • Additional patents pending (U.S. & International)


Legal Press Release



July 31, 2007 - Settlement Agreement Reached

B & D Dental Corp. (Plaintiff), by and through its attorney of records, reached a Settlement Agreement with the defending dental supply company. (Case 2:07-cv-0068-DAK)


Pursuant to this Settlement Agreement, the defending dental supply company agrees to cease making, using, importing, selling or offering to sell its articulator product in the United States. The agreement further stipulates that the defending dental supply company will notify all customers of the articulator product outside the U.S. that they are not to use the Articulator Product to make any item or device that will be imported into United States. The defending dental product company agreed to pay B & D Dental for all associated legal expenses incurred in the lawsuit.


Feb 7, 2007 - B & D Dental Corp. files patent infringement lawsuit.

Salt Lake City, UTAH – B & D Dental Corporation, one of the market leaders in disposable tray type dental articulators, announced that it has filed a lawsuit against a dental supply company in the Federal District Court in the District of Utah, Central Division. (Case 2:07-cv-0068-DAK) The lawsuit alleges that the dental supply company has engaged in acts of patent infringement in connection with their dowel pinhole covering design and method.


B & D Dental has asked the Court for an award of money damages, as well as an injunction that would prohibit the company from developing, manufacturing, using, selling, importing, licensing and/or offering for sale the products that infringe upon B & D Dental’s patent. (Infringement, Contributory Infringement, Induced Infringement, Unfair Competition Under Utah Code, etc) The law firm of Thorpe, North & Western ( is representing B & D Dental Corp.


B & D Dental continually evaluates the conduct of all competitors, and is obligated to proceed aggressively against those who B & D Dental determines are infringing upon the valuable intellectual property interests embodied in B & D Dental’s line of articulation products.


Brief Patent History:

In 2002, B&D Dental invented a plastic base articulating system that included a pinhole covering design and an associated method. The covered pinhole design & method is credited as being an innovative idea of preventing unwanted die stone from flowing into the pinhole and becoming imbedded in the tray. This feature facilitates the easy initial removal of the model and promotes a clean tray bed at all times since there is no stone debris or dust in the unused pinholes. The clean tray be promotes positive die seating, thus eliminating one of the leading factors of high-occlusion in the dental laboratory. This design and method of of keeping the unused pinholes from receiving unwanted die stone not been previously known in the industry.


B & D Dental continues to expand it's technology by introducing various types of articulators and articulating bases. Today, B & D Dental is one of the leading manufacturers of articulators and articulating bases for dental models.


For more information on B & D Dental, its products or the current lawsuit, contact Communications Manager Steve Campbell at (800) 255-2839, or e-mail at


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